Even before the pandemic, things have changed dramatically over the last decade.

Price, quality and ambience were always the main drivers in hospitality. Nowadays, a ‘good venue’ is dependent on so many more factors than food and comfortable seats. Thankfully, customers are more concerned about the impact of their enjoyment on their environment, asking ‘Is produce local?’; ‘Do they offer a good selection of vegetarian dishes?’; ‘Does the venue make green choices?’.

In fact, in a recent report, 87% of consumers agree that they would be more likely to buy a product that offered a social or environmental benefit. That’s a lot of prospective customers.

RICESTRAWS: The Best Option for a Quality Eco-straw

Eco-friendly straws are a simple way to make a huge difference. But it’s not just about being green. They have to stand up to the taste test for your customers too …

…and that’s why RICESTRAWS are fast becoming the most popular straws for bars, restaurants and hotels.

The drawbacks of many available alternatives to plastic straws are well known – bamboo straws have a ‘green wood’ aftertaste, spoiling the drink, lemongrass straws are fragile and break easily. Waxed paper straws go soggy quickly – to which anyone who has nursed a coke over a chat will attest! RICESTRAWS are therefore the ideal option, with none of the drawbacks of other eco-friendly straws. They have no taste and so preserve the integrity of any drink; they store more favourably to other straws, and offer other benefits that many other alternatives do not …

Edible Straws in Fun Colours!

With RICESTRAWS you add colour to your drinks! They come ready assorted in blue, lemon, yellow and red – so you can mix and match your colours, depending on the beverage. We should say here too, that all colourings are derived from natural ingredients, so RICESTRAWS are totally edible too! Add sparkle to a Manhattan with a sugared RICESTRAW – customers love it!

Eco-Value for Money

Of course, even as an eco-conscious business, it’s likely that profit margins more than polution will keep you awake at night. RICESTRAWS compare favourably with other eco-friendly options, offering a quality product at a similar price to other plastic straw alternatives. All eco-friendly alternatives do cost a few extra pence, but the advantages far outweigh the costs, as we move towards cleaner, clearer oceans. It’s also an opportunity for green-minded hospitality industries to lead the way and ‘do our bit’ for our planet.

We donate 1p to #strawlessoceans for every Packet Sold

Most importantly to us, is our commitment to the cause of keeping plastic out of our oceans. This is our primary aim, as the planet’s sealife is increasingly impacted by human carelessness. We feel strongly that by leading the way in promoting eco-friendly, sustainable products, we can encourage many others to do the same, and that’s why we donate to #strawlessoceans with every sale.

Many Bars; One Planet!

There are so many great hospitality venues out there, but we only have one planet. Our earth needs good choices NOW from those who are in a position to make them. And as a restaurant, bar or hotel owner, it’s crucial to have your finger on the pulse of what matters to your customers. Eco-conscious consumers are more likely to show brand loyalty to those who share their green values than those who don’t. So get on board with #strawlessoceans, and let your customers know that you care about our planet as much as they do.

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